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Multi Function Engraving CNC Router
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Multi-function CNC Routers XJ-1118

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Products Introduction


   1.Welded structure of thick profiled steel and inner stress removed by vibration ageing treatment, strong   lathe bed makes the machine with rigidity, no distortion.
    2.Y axis driven by double motors, high accuracy rack gears transmission, powerful and stable movement. Up-down working table with 2 KW 3 phase asynchronous motor; gearbox with worm and worm wheel transmission drives chain wheel with large pitch and 4 ball screw; working table rises and falls on 4 guiding cylinders firmly and smoothly. The maximum lifting weight is up to 1500 KGS.
    3.Rotary attachment with chuck and dead tail moving on linear square rail with high precision concentricity.The chassis is made with L -102 integrally cast technology. The maximum work piece diameter 400mm, and the length up to 1200mm, weight of 56KGS and collocated with balance trolley.
   4.Options: stainless steel tank for processing stones and configured with auto water supplying device as well.
   5. rotary attachments model 4021 can be fixed to the working platform. The machine can work on thick material (max. 700mm). The attachments can be removed from the machine when column work piece is not processed. Then the machine becomes a normal router.


Working Area:           1100x1800x180mm
Max Moving Speed:      6000mm/min
Reposition Accuracy:     0.02mm
 Transmission:  Imported Ball Screw
     Operation System:    DSP Controller 
 Voltage:       AC220V/50/60Hz
  Packing Size:    2400x2100x1500mm



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