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Linear ATC CNC Router
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CNC Router with Linear ATC XJ-1325HZ

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Products Introduction

1.Adopt domestic 5.5KW ATC water cooling spindle of big power (Optional: Italy 9.0KW HSD air cooling spindle).
2.High accuracy, long service time, steady and smooth movement, and good starting performance, great torque, fulfilling the advantage of working with fast speed and high accuracy.
3.Japan Yaskawa Servo motor ensures machine to run with fast speed, low noise, and high position accuracy.
4.Unique Auto Tool Changer system can change tools alternatively, special tool sensor to compensate the tolerance of tool length.
5.Tool magazine standard capacity of 8 tools, (Optional: more than 8 tools). Changing tools only takes 8 seconds. Save much table space compared to side way ATC.
1.Wood industry:Stereo Wave Plate Processing, cabinet doors, solid wood doors, Craft wood door, paint free door, folding screen, craft window, shoe-cleaning machine, game cabinet, mahjong table, computer table, and panel-type furniture’s assistance processing.
2.Advertisement industry:Advertisement label and logo, Acrylic cutting and blister molding, Multi Ad. Material and decoration products processing.
3.Mold industry: Engrave on material like brass, Al, and Iron to make metal mold. And it can engrave on artificial Marble, gravel, plastic board, PVC pipes, wood, and alike Non-metal mold.
4.Other industry:Engrave all kinds of image engraving and relief engraving. It is widely used art & craft industry.


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