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Motorized up and down platform laser engraving and cutting machine XJ1280S

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Products Introduction



* Various laser tube power: 60W, 80W, 100W and 130W.

* Enhanced laser head for easy adjusting.

* CE standard Switch design.

* 1:4 Wheel speed ratio to keep high quality cutting effect.

* 3 Phase motors work at higher speed than common motors.


*High precision, little path deviation and easy adjustment provided by rapid ray path design.

*DSP Control System, enable the machine working steady with high anti-interference capability.

*USB interface and Flash Disk offering memory to increase efficiency.

*Mechanical structure with steady performance.

*Open feeding system suitable for infinite workpiece.

*DustProof and antipollution Design.




1.Advertising industry: acrylic, double-color board engraving and cutting and other materials.


2.Leather and garment industry: leather and cloth engraving and carving.


3.Craft industry: papercuts, woodwork, bamboo ware, shell and ivory engraving and cutting.


4.Model industry: construction models, aviation and navigation models and wooden toys.


5.Packaging industry: flexography, plywood and knife module cutting.


6.Decoration and Electrical Appliance Industry.


XJ6040S  XJ1060S  XJ1280S

Working Area

600×400mm  1000×600mm  1200×800mm

Laser Type

CO2 Sealed Laser Tube, Wavelength 10.6μm

Laser Tube Power

40W, 60W, 80W, 100W, 130W,150W

Cooling System

Water Cooling

Power Adjustment

0-100% Stepless Control, 0-100% Adjustable in Software

Control and Driving

High Speed DSP Control, Stepper Motor High Subdivide Driving

Engraving Speed


Cutting Speed


Working Voltage

AC220V/110V±10%  50HZ/60HZ

Reposition Accuracy



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