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How choose woodworking engraving machines?

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How choose woodworking engraving machines?

Woodworking engraving machine is mainly used for woodworking processing, make it more beautiful. Woodworking engraving machine types currently on the market price of the product variety, quality is uneven, so we need to select the choice to buy carefully, JINAN Xiao Jia CNC machinery Equipment Company will introduce five points for helpping you buy suitable wood engraving machine.
Working size of engraving machine
Customers should select the type of engraving machine and the size of its power according to the needs of the business and the funds. Generally small format engraving machines have 300mm * 300mm and 600mm * 900mm. The engraving of double swatches is the basic application of small engraving machines, and the reception is very good. A little smaller engraving machine and its price is not much difference, but the engraving of the double color palette to cut the plate, more troublesome, and unnecessary waste. Large format engraving machine with 1200mm * 1200mm, 1200mm * 2400mm, 1300mm * 2500mm, 2000mm * 3000mm, into the Department of engraving machine models more than the width of more than 1350mm, now organic glass and PVC board on the market size is 1300mm * 2500mm, so that several models of surface engraving machine customer demand suitable.
Second, we should pay attention to engraving machine spindle motor
Spindle motor is an important component of cnc engraving machine, and its performance has a crucial impact on the performance of computer engraving machine. Machining spindles are usually divided into two types: precision machined spindles and high power cut spindles.
1, fine machining spindle is characterized by low noise, high speed, height, suitable for processing particularly delicate workpieces, such as seals, nameplates, chest cards, gifts and so on. This type of motor is usually a high speed variable frequency motor with less power and less than 250W. The disadvantage is that the ability to cut thick materials is poor and does not cut off thicker material.
2, high power cutting spindle, mainly used for cutting, high-power engraving, characterized by large power, cutting ability, especially for cutting Yu, three three-dimensional characters, of course, you can also make chest cards, nameplates, seals and so on. Such a large power spindle according to the characteristics of the motor can be divided into brushless frequency high speed AC motor and brushless AC motor, the main difference is: A, brushless frequency motor for high speed, speed range of 700-60000 rpm, and generally have a brushless AC motor maximum speed does not exceed 24000 RPM: B, no the rotating precision brush motor, small abrasion, low noise, noise is much lower than for brushless AC motor; C, brushless frequency motor stalling characteristics, the frequency converter with current limiting circuit, a short block not burning motor, and brush AC machine overload or stall will soon smoke burning, and can not be repaired; D, adopts frequency conversion speed control technology of brush motor, is a professional grade products, long service life, the manufacturers to provide 1 years free replacement, later also can be replaced by high speed bearing of motor Line maintenance, and brush AC motor, due to the use of electrical life of about 300 hours, you have to replace the motor or motor carbon brush, so carbon brush AC motor usually has no warranty.
Third, engraving machine control mode and speed 
Control modes can be divided into three kinds now:
A, all of the operation has computer control, engraving machine at work, the computer is in the working state, can not carry out other typesetting work, this may fix the computer misoperation and cause waste.
B, the use of single-chip control, the controller can work in typesetting engraving machine at the same time, but does not turn off the computer, this is actually equivalent to savings of 7 of a computer, and reduce the misoperation caused by the waste computer.
C, using USB port to transmit data, the system has more than 32M of memory capacity. As long as you save the file, you can leave the computer immediately, turn off the computer, or do some other typing. This method greatly improves the efficiency of the engraving machine.
Forth, that is, the accuracy of engraving machine
Small plane engraving 1mm Chinese characters, or large format engraving machine, carved 1.5mm letter, under the magnifying glass to see very clearly.
Fifth, pay attention to the guide rail
Large format engraving machine must adopt wide imported square guide rail, its load capacity and precision retention ability is more than 30 times that of circular guide rail, which guarantees the high quality and high speed of engraving machine.