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 Laser carve wood rolling pin

Date time:2017-8-17 14:49:58 Page view:

Laser carve wood rolling pin

Most people think,the laser machine is mainly for industy process.The view is incomplete.


Not only,laser machine can be used for industy production,it also can be used household.


Wood rolling pin,before,it is just glossy without designs.We use a rolling pin roll bread, cookies or other food.


But children have a passion for beauty that is different from that of adults.They hope their cookies are in many different designs even in their photo or name.

Laser machine has made the children's dreams come true.We can carve many differnt designs in wood rolling pin with laser machine.Any design,any combination,as long as you can imagine.

This is really amazing!Every family should own a laser engraving machine.This will add a lot of possibilities to your life.