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School Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine -ETA laser

Date time:2020-2-19 15:52:36 Page view:

School Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine ETA 6040 -with air purifier

As a new tool, laser engraving and cutting machine has been widely used in various industries and fields. In the huge market demand, the laser carving and cutting machine in the school laboratory is obviously different from other industries.

1. Integrated Laser Machine ETA6040
The whole machine is integrated without connecting any accessories.           
ETA6040 laser engraving machine integrates all accessories inside the machine, including integrated cw3000 water cooler system, integrated air purifier, integrated air pump, self-contained lifting table, etc. One click start, convenient and fast.

2.Laser Machine ETA6040 be with Air Purifier(Air cleaner)
A clean working environment is conducive to the health of teachers and students.            ETA model laser machine is equipped with air purifier, which can filter most of the exhaust gas and smoke produced in the work. This is very important for the use of laser machines in school classrooms and laboratories.

3.One key start,easy to oepration
It helps you turn your idea into a real thing handily with easy operation system.
Simple drawing software and operating system —can identify hand-painted design. The zero base person can also operate the machine smoothly.Advanced offline control systematization, USB control and built-in large memory, the machine can work in a non computer environment.
Support 16 language switching, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Italian, Turkish, Arabic.
Support multiple format files—JPG,JPEG,PNG,GIF,MNG,PLT, DXT, DXF, BMP, AI, and so on,support for AutoCAD, CorelDraw direct output.

4. The machine is small in size and beautiful in appearance, especially suitable for school use.

5.Powerful function, it can cut and carve many kinds of materials, such as acrylic, wood, PVC, paper, leather, cloth, metal, glass, ceramics, etc.