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The using life of gun and consumables when plasma cutting

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 The using life of gun and consumables when plasma cutting

There are the below reasons cause burn gun of plasma:
1.The air drying and filtering is not good when working,the cutting nozzle is in short circuit.
2.Excessive use of the electrode, the electrode of hafnium filament is a metal to suppress the discharge, when consumed the hafnium filament, if but also forced arcing, caused by the electrode and cut short between the mouth, burning cutting gun.
3.When the cutting process in cutting verticality has obvious change, should replace the electrode.
4.When the water-cooling gun cutting,the flow of coolant enough, resulting in the increase of the gun head instantaneous temperature, causing the gun head internal insulation material is melted, burning spear head.
Electrode nozzle life is too short:
1.Inadequate cooling, gas flow or water flow is not enough.
2.Compressed air is not enough dry and clean.
The protective cap is burning:
1.The arc height is not enough, as long as the cutting gun can arc under the condition that the cutting height of the better, we can set it in the arc voltage.
2.Cable core diameter is too small, causing instant perforation ability is insufficient, resulting in perforation caused by long time, liquid metal turned up, burning the protective cap.
3.The gas flow is insufficient, cause the cooling effect is not good or perforation of the weak.
4.The cutting parameters are incorrect, resulting in cutting spatter side, there is no time to clean up.