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Metal and nonmetal laser cutting machine

Date time:2017-9-14 11:06:46 Page view:
 Metal and nonmetal material laser cutting machine
According to the cutting material, laser cutting machine can be divided into metal laser cutting machine, non-metallic laser cutting machine, multimaterial laser cutting machine.          
What is a multimaterial laser cutter?          

In simple terms, a laser cutting machine that cuts metal,we called it metal laser cutting machine.The laser machine can cut nonmetal material, it is called a nonmetal laser cutting machine. It can cut both metal and nonmetal. It is called a multimaterial laser cutting machine.
Well, what determines the ability of a laser cutting machine to cut metal or nonmetal materiales?          
It is determined by the type of laser and the laser power on which the machine is assembled.
YAG lasers and fiber lasers can cut metals, but not non metals.          
A low power CO2 laser that cuts metals but does not cut metals.          
Medium power and high power CO2 laser. (commonly used ordinary glass tube carbon dioxide laser, RF tube carbon dioxide laser, axial fast flow CO2 laser) these types of metal and non-metallic materials can be cut.
The concept is clear. Then, let's see how the laser cutter cuts the metal: