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Laser machine creates "new" stationery, which makes you fall in love with study and love work!

Date time:2017-9-4 9:10:09 Page view:

 Laser machine creates "new" stationery, which makes you fall in love with study and love work! 

In recent years, the consumption of stationery products gradually show a brand, personalized trend, brand stationery stores continue to emerge, the characteristics of stationery sales terminal chain is obvious, the domestic stationery market is showing a new situation of consumption upgrade. 
Laser engraving notebook           
With the continuous development of economy and technology, the types of stationery become more diverse, traditional stationery gradually withdraw from the market, creative and special stationery become hot. Especially the mature development of laser technology, laser cutting, engraving, hollowing and other crafts also make great efforts in the stationery industry, and bring a series of creative and stylish new stationery products.           
1. wooden scale graduation: pattern hollow, practical and beautiful.    
2. stationery box: pattern carving or hollow, retro and literature.    
3. Bookmarks: patterns cut or hollow, can be non-metallic or metal.    
4. Notebook: hollow cover, including wood, blankets, paper and other materials.
5., drawing board: hollow design, convenient painting, graphics diversity.           
6. pens: text marking, support personalized customization.