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Improve the efficiency of laser cutting machine

Date time:2016-8-8 12:36:34 Page view:

 Improve the efficiency of laser cutting machine
Laser cutting machine is mainly using laser beam to the plate surface and release energy to see steel melting and evaporation, because energy is highly concentrated can rapid local heating to melt and vaporize steel plate, because the energy is concentrated, just only a small amount of steel reached other parts, basic not caused any deformation, using laser can produce complex shape of the workpiece, the cutting of the workpiece, the does not need for the next step processing can be used directly.
Laser cutting machine has three advantages: good cutting quality, fast processing speed, clean, safe, no pollution, in the production of laser cutting machine power is certain, so I want to improve efficiency, it is necessary to adjust operation.
1 The learning and manipulation of new machines          
In the process of operation, the operator needs to strengthen the learning and skills of the machine performance through the daily production. To will work on an alternative practice, spare time to strengthen the machine in all aspects of knowledge learning, do meet machine appear small problem can be solved, the problem appeared to know where the problem lies, and help solve the problem.
2 Know how to modify the CNC cutting procedures          
For CNC laser cutting machine, make changes to the program, using linear surgical method, will drive up to the point on the arc, the cutting down of circular cross section is very smooth, to ensure that the quality of the parts.
3 Optimize the scheduling scheme          
Through consultation and the fish Technology Department of the workshop, the two beam sharing a common edge cutting, this does not affect to the cutting effect, so the efficiency is to artificially raise.