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Laser cutting machine or numerical control punch, the five big difference tell you which is the most suitable for you?

Date time:2015-9-13 11:57:34 Page view:

Laser cutting machine or numerical control punch, the five big difference tell you which is the most suitable for you?

Today, with the requirements of the market to the rapid replacement of product requirements, the flexibility of the processing equipment to put forward higher requirements. And the application of laser cutting machine, bring the new vitality of the processing industry. Compared with the traditional CNC punch, laser cutting machine has the advantages of 3C, 3S: cool, clean, calm, sure,savety,saving, but in the whole process on the market, laser cutting machine and CNC punching bed have equal shares,  why? Then the following small series of knowledge, so that we understand the laser cutting machine and CNC punch.


First, processing materials


Laser cutting machine can cut metal materials (including black metal, non-ferrous metals, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, silicon steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum alloy,...) , non metal materials (acrylic, plastic, wood, cloth, leather, carpets and other materials). Carbon steel with a thickness of 20mm.

Numerical control punch can only be made of metal materials, the thickness is generally not more than 6mm.

Second, processing flexibility


From the perspective of flexibility, laser cutting machine has advantages, can cut any shape, size of holes, and punch can only cut a few specifications of the hole (32 position of the turret is large), in case of large size hole, the use of small die stamping process, efficiency is low, mold wear seriously.In order to meet the needs of different products processing, CNC punch must be purchased a lot of molds (different sizes, the same size but for different thickness of the material), further, it is necessary to prepare a warehouse for the storage, and increase the demand for mold management. In addition, numerical control punch on the flatness of the plate, the surface cleanliness requirements higher.


Third, accuracy, roughness


Laser cutting machine belongs to non-contact processing, no stress, no deformation, positioning accuracy of 0.03mm, the workpiece accuracy is 0.1mm, the cutting section is smooth and smooth, the machining accuracy of the numerical control punch is slightly worse.


Forth, efficiency, cost


The original use of a factory press + cutting machine, cutting plate machine after the need to transfer to the punch, compared with laser cutting machine, need more manual.

Comprehensive comparison of the laser cutting machine (3kW fiber laser) and the cost of the punch: power, supplies (laser cutting machine material is the focus lens, ceramic body, nozzle, mirror, gas, etc., the material is a mold, etc.), artificial, equipment depreciation, the result is that the laser cutting machine costs RMB179 yuan / hour, punch RMB174 yuan / hour.

In view of the factory products(Metal, thickness 1.5 ~ 3mm) for processing efficiency estimation, the result is that the use of laser cutting machine is only 0.2 hours, and the use of 0.7 hours.

Obviously, laser cutting machine has obvious advantages in efficiency and cost.

Of course, if the product is large, the use of special design of the mold (such as the porous mold, but this will damage the flexibility), it can improve the efficiency of the numerical control punch, until the laser cutting machine.


Fifth, function, limitation

Laser cutting machine and CNC punch press have their own limitations. If need to achieve blinds, stretching, sink hole, hole flanging, strengthen tendons, stamping process, it is only used CNC punch press; and for saw blade with silencing seams, only the laser cutting machine can perform.