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Safe operation of laser cutting machine

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Safe operation of laser cutting machine
When laser cutting machine working,the failure is dangerous.Novice must undergo professional training in order to operate independently, the following to learn the 13 details of laser cutting machine safety work.
1.Please follow the general cutting machine safety operation rules.Please start the laser in strict accordance with the laser start procedure.
2.The operator must be trained to be familiar with the structure and performance of the equipment, and to master the relevant knowledge of the operating system.
3.Wear good labor protective equipment according to regulations, must wear the protective glasses in line with the provisions in the vicinity of the laser beam.
4.Pls don't working the material when be not sure if it is suitable for laser,invoide producing the harmful fumes and vapors.
5.Operator is not allowed to leave the position when the equipment is running, if need to leave, please stop or cut off the power switch.
6.Please put fire extinguishers in your fingertips; stop processing, please turn off the laser or optical gate; do not put paper, cloth or other flammable substances in the unprotected laser beam around.
7.When the abnormal appearance in the processing process, should be immediately shut down, in a timely manner to eliminate the failure or reported to the competent personnel.
8.Keep the laser, bed and around the site clean and orderly, no pollution, waste, according to the provisions of the workpiece, sheet piling.
9.When using gas cylinders, should avoid crushing welding wire, so as to avoid leakage accident. The use of gas cylinders, transport should comply with the rules of gas cylinders. The ban of gas cylinders in the sun or near the heat of the sun. When the valve is opened, the operator must stand on the side of the bottle mouth.
10.Please observe the high pressure safety rules when repare laser machine.Follow the rules and procedures for 40 hours or one week per operation, 1000 hoursor six months of maintenance.
11.After the boot, please first manual low speed Y, X direction of the machine, check to confirm whether there is abnormal situation.
12.The new work program input, please try to run, and check its operate situation.
13.During the work, observe the operation of the machine, so as to avoid the cutting machine out of the effective range or two sets of collision caused the accident.