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Effect of laser output power on laser cutting

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 Effect of laser output power on laser cutting
When using laser cutting machine,the laser output power is a parameter that has a direct relation with the melting ability of the processed. For getting good effect of cutting,we need increase the output power in order to improve the processing ability.
Improve processing capacity:
1, improve the laser cutting speed.          
2, increase the thickness of the processing plate.          
3, processing of aluminum, copper and other high reflection spectral reflectance factor.          
4, zoom lens from the short focal length lens.          
5, the focus of the location from the surface of the processed material changes.
We can determine whether the use of the processing conditions of the output energy is appropriate, according to the processing of the cutting surface and machining in the case of the spark. When the output power is much larger than the standard value, the thermal effect of the incision increases, and the melting loss occurs at the corner. And cut the noodles to become thick, from the upper to the lower part of the vertical.
If the output power value is far less than the standard value, the lower part of the cut is significantly thicker, become the state of digging into. And with the increase of the amount of adhesion of slag, it is difficult to remove. Mars is lagging in the cutting process in the opposite direction in the cutting process.
Suitable for the processing of the output conditions exist within a certain range, the thinner the thickness of the processing board, the wider the range of output conditions. Output processing in proper conditions, the cutting surface streak fine, lower relative to the speed of light slow.