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The essential difference between the four types of laser cutting technology

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 The essential difference between the four types of laser cutting technology

Laser cutting is irradiated materials rapidly melting, vaporization and ablation or achieve ignition, with high power density laser beam irradiating a work, at the same time with coaxial with the beam of high speed airflow blow in the molten material, so as to realize the workpiece cut. Laser cutting is one of the hot cutting methods.
Laser cutting can be divided for laser vaporization cutting, laser fusion cutting, laser oxygen cutting and laser scribing and breaking control four categories.

1.Laser vaporization cutting
Using high energy density of laser beam heating the workpiece, so that the temperature rose rapidly, in a very short period of time to reach the boiling point of the material, the material began to vaporization, the formation of steam. The steam jet is very large, and in the same time, it forms a notch on the material. The vaporization heat of the material is generally very large, so the laser vaporization cutting requires a great deal of power and power density.
Laser vaporization for cutting thin metal materials and nonmetal materials. (such as paper, cloth, wood, plastic, rubber, etc.)
2.Laser melting and cutting
Cutting laser melting and laser heating to melting of metal materials, followed by blowing a non oxidizing gas (AR, he, N, etc.) and beam coaxial nozzle, gas rely on the strong pressure of the molten metal is discharged, the formation of incision. Laser melting and cutting does not require the complete vaporization of the metal, the energy required for vaporization of the 1/10.
Laser melting and cutting are mainly used for the cutting of materials or active metals, such as stainless steel, titanium, aluminum and its alloys.
3.Laser oxygen cutting
The principle of laser oxygen cutting is similar to that of oxygen acetylene cutting. It uses a laser as a heat source, with oxygen and other active gas as the cutting gas. On the one hand, the injection of the gas and the cutting metal, the oxidation reaction, the release of a large number of oxidation heat; on the other hand, the molten oxide and melt blown out from the reaction zone, the formation of the incision in the metal. Because of the oxidation reaction in the cutting process produces a lot of heat, so the energy required for laser oxygen cutting is only the melting of 1/2, and the cutting speed is much larger than the laser vaporization cutting and melting cutting.
Laser oxygen cutting is mainly used for metal materials and heat treatment of carbon steel, titanium steel oxidation.
4.Laser scribing and breaking control
Laser scribing is the high energy density of laser scanning on the surface of brittle materials, the material is heated to evaporate a small groove, and then applying a certain pressure, brittle materials will be along the slot at the split. Laser laser scribing generally used for Q switch and CO2 lasers.
The control fracture is the steep temperature distribution generated by the laser engraving, which produces the local thermal stress in the brittle material, which causes the material to be broken along the small groove.