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Common failures and Solutions of CNC Router

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 Common failures and Solutions of CNC Router

Any machine can not be preserved intact for a long time,so we should learn to  
judge the common faults and know how to solve them.Here we share some common failures and solutions of cnc router, and we mainly have the following 15:
Ⅰ, the spindle automatically turn or can not stop
1, control card failure;
2, inverter fault
II, when opening the software, the computer prompts "open the card failed,
please check the card" prompt
1, check the driver card is not installed, or to change a PCI card slot;
2, the two data connection line to re install, check there is no phenomenon of 
broken needles;
3, the board has a problem, replace the board.
Ⅲ,Open the software when prompted: three axis alarm, initialization error four
1, check the computer and the machine two data lines have not received;
2, check the control box of the switch board of the fuse is burned, for the 
3, check the 85V power supply is normal
Ⅳ,CNC Router appear dislocation or wrong size
1, check the path of the software is correct or not;
2, check the gap size of the screw rod and the rod of the fastening screws are 
not loose;
3, check the software parameter settings correct or not.
Ⅴ,When X axis working,the Z axis can not lift,give it the command go up,but it 
go down.
1, check whether the Z axis motor run well,also check it's power and the drive 
2, check whether the Z axis motor line has bad contact or middle of the case.
Ⅵ,the spindle motor does not turn or reverse
1, check the setting parameters of the inverter;
2, the frequency of the signal line is connected to the inverter.
Ⅶ,Smashing knife phenomenon
1, Z axis motor power is not enough, the coupling loose;
2, Z axis drive current is too small, or signal line is wrong.
Ⅷ,When the software is turned on, the shaft is closed.
1, the problem of the driver or the computer output signal line contact is bad;
2, the motor line contact is bad.
Ⅸ,In the process of engraving, there is a limit phenomenon.
1, check the engraving path is beyond the scope of sculpture;
2, the soft limit of the parameters in the software settings.
Ⅹ,When turn on the machine, it doesn't work.
1, check the start button line is connected and the button is burnt out;
2, check whether the AC contactor short-circuit or burn out.
Ⅺ,Axis running only to one direction
1, check whether the normal work and the coupling line contact line is good;
2, check the motor line for a weld.
Ⅻ,Files cannot be opened normally, and the carved objects appear to be 
1, re install the new system and software;
2, check the X, Y axis screw 
XIII,CNC Router's spindle motor suddenly stop or slow down in the process of 
1, the operating voltage is not stable or super load, plus a voltage regulator 
can be;
2, check the middle line is connected, whether there is a connecting thread.and screw is loose;
3, carving tools have problems.
XIV,When setting the origin of the engraving machine, sometimes forward, the 
right offset distance
1, limit switch failure, the system back to the system in the process of the 
origin of the limit switch has been closed and open. Change limit switch;
2, drive line loose. Try to fix it.
XV,CNC Router start reset, X axis, Y axis, Z axis position is uncertain
1, limit switch is bad (the limit switch is always closed), can change;
2, the drive line is bad (X axis 14 pin and 15 pin short circuit, Y axis 13 pin 
and 15 pin short circuit, Z axis 31 pin and 15 pin short circuit), change the 
drive line or short circuit can open;
3, the driver board is bad, change the drive board can.