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Walking on the edge of fashion and technology -- cloth laser cutting machine

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 Walking on the edge of fashion and technology -- cloth laser cutting machine 

Lace is a symbol of nobility in 17 and eighteenth Century           
Clothing lace is a beautiful scenery line on clothing. There are many kinds of clothes. They are woven lace, knitted lace, embroidery lace, woven lace and so on. In Europe in 17 and eighteenth Century, lace, as a symbol of nobility, appeared in every aristocratic costume to show its beauty and splendor. Nowadays, lace has become one of the most popular grooming methods in the fashion world, and its accessories are especially fashionable and eye-catching! 
In recent years, with the laser technology in the clothing industry has been widely spread, laser equipment also brings more decorative methods for decorative lace. In the processing of garment lace, laser equipment is mainly used for precise cutting of lace, lace, hollow, carved, cut and other processes. 
Lace laser cutting           
Mainly for weaving, embroidery fabric has good for cutting lace along the laser, namely the use of accurate positioning of the laser cutting edge of the fabric along the preset graph, in the computer program operation, can automatically cut repeatedly. After laser cutting can be used for edge modification of lace wedding dresses, skirts, collar and cuffs and clothing. 
Lace laser, hollow, carved, cut           
Lace laser, hollow, carved, cut strips, is the use of high energy density laser beam on the clothing fabric to complete hollow patterns, carving patterns, fringe cutting and so on. Used in cotton, linen, leather, chemical fiber, lace, mesh cloth, woven fabrics and other non-metallic flexible fabric. 
Laser processing advantage           
Because the laces are in direct contact with the human skin, the delicate degree of lace cutting is critical. First, the laser processing by "no touch" processing mode, will not crush the material, can save cost. Secondly, the laser processing of high precision, smooth incision, smooth and clean, no edge edgy, burrs and other phenomena. Then, the laser has many hollow patterns, and can be designed by computer to draw shapes such as round, square, diamond, flower and so on. Finally, the laser processing equipment collocation credle use can make the feeding, cutting and rewinding at one time, greatly reduce the processing time, improve work efficiency and output processing.