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Laser machine cutting acrylic painting on wall

Date time:2017-8-16 9:32:43 Page view:

 Laser machine cutting acrylic painting on wall


Acrylic, chemical name is PMMA, the plasticity of polymer materials is an important one kind of development early, is a kind of organic glass, transparent, chemical stability and good weatherability, easy dyeing, easy processing, beautiful appearance, is widely used in construction, advertising and other industries. Because of its light transmittance of 92%, it is also known as "plastic crystal".



With the demand for personalized customization, acrylic products have been used not only in the advertising industry, but also in more and more industries.

Today, let's talk about the application of the home industry.

Wall sticker, culture wall.



Do you also want to make such beautiful and personalized decorative walls?


Our laser engraving machine can help you with this simple task.



What are the advantages of laser processing acrylic products?


1.Low cost: do not limit the number of processing, for small batch processing services, laser processing is relatively cheap.



2.Small cutting slot: laser cutting of slotted 0.1-0.2mm in general.


3.The cutting surface is smooth: the cutting surface of laser cutting has no burr.



4.Small thermal deformation: laser processing, fine laser cutting speed, energy concentration, therefore to the material to be cut on the small amount of heat, caused by the deformation of the material is also very small.

Suitable for processing products: mold manufacturing products cost is very high, the laser processing without any mold manufacturing, laser processing and completely avoid the formation of the material cutting edge collapse, can greatly reduce the production cost of enterprises to improve product quality.

5.Saving materials: laser processing using computer programming, you can put the material cutting products with different shapes, to maximize the material utilization rate, greatly reduce the material cost.

Very suitable for new product development: once the product drawings are formed, you can immediately laser processing, you can get the new product in the shortest possible time.