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Vibration knife cutting machine

Date time:2017-10-23 11:00:47 Page view:

 [vibration knife cutting machine]

It is used in automobile interior design, typesetting, cutting, digitizing and automatic cutting. It is fast, accurate, saving material, replacing manual operation completely, saving management / manpower / material cost
[automatic typesetting, line drawing, drawing, punching, cutting, indentation, half full cut off].
Automobile interior trim (seat cover, PVC mat, cushion, surrounded by large mats, steering wheel cover, carpet) design a version of cutting system for sofa, seat, car seat cover, car mats, car sets, car carpet, bags, handbags series of products tailored to the development, suitable for furniture, chair, car interior, bags, handbags and other manufacturing enterprises to develop the design, procurement and production department.
Including data acquisition, design, paper grid output, proofing, typesetting calculation, scheduling cutting six functional modules.
The traditional manual operation mode will be fully integrated into the computerized design efficiently and accurately, realize digitization, graphic design, easy to use, rich and powerful function, can effectively improve the efficiency and accuracy of design and production. With automatic knife count function, the paper design the automatic optimal row knife, accurately calculate material and preparation.
Automobile interior trim (seat cover, PVC mat, cushion, surrounded by large mats, steering wheel cover, carpet) design a version of the cutting system helps you to promote the informatization and automation management level; master version of core technology design; deal with the problems caused by technicians and other personnel changes; to reduce labor costs, material costs; improve production and management ability.
[high tech]:
Ultra high frequency vibration knife technology to achieve perfect cutting.
[high speed]:
Car seat cover cutting a set of 150 pieces, only 15 minutes;
It's only 3 minutes to cut a 40 piece piece of big ottomans;
It's only 60 seconds to cut a 5 piece set of automobile silk foot pads.
[high efficiency]:
No cutting die, die cutting machine, can be finished leather, paper and plastic and other flexible materials die cutting, indentation, molding work, can save a lot of manpower, knife mold and die cutting machine costs.
Instead of the traditional manual design and proofing of paper, shorten the corresponding R & D time; to meet the customer's small batch, multi style production objectives, to create a standardized, feasible and complete solution.
[car foot shake knife cutting machine]
Application materials: leather, PU, super fiber, sandwich fabric, sponge leather, composite leather, sponge + coating + leather composite leather, felt, PVC, silk ring, cardboard, paper.
It can be used in automobile seat leather, cloth cover, sponge sleeve, carpet, steering wheel cover, cushion, PVC silk ring mat, big surrounded mat, explosion-proof film and other automotive interior and exterior products.