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Notes when using the CO2 laser tube

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 Notes when using the CO2 laser tube

Ⅰ.Firstly,pls connnect the cooling water,following the principles of low position water in,high position water out.Make sure that the cooling water is full in cooling pipe,and no be with any bubble.Then power on laser machine.
Requirements: cooling water use soft water (distilled water or pure water), and should always pay attention to the temperature of the cooling water, the water temperature should be control in 25 to 30 DEG C, not too high or too low, especially in the summer, once found the water temperature is too high should be timely replacement of water cooling or stop to rest for a period of time: cold area cooling water shall not be frozen, especially after the shutdown of laser, not let cooling water storage in the laser tube, in order to avoid cooling water ice lead to burst. (special attention: the use of alternating current users, cooling water tank must be grounded);
Ⅱ.Two surpporting points are in the 1/4 of the total length of laser tube,pls make sure that the flow of cooling water is 2-4L/min.Otherwise, the effect is not good, will cause the jump mode, light spot changes several points lead to power down. Cooling water return port in the tank must be covered with water, or the laser tube cooling water filling in the laser tube at each turn.
Ⅲ.Pay attention to the protection of the laser output window, avoid the work process (including the adjustment of light path in the process)produce smoke sputtering to the output window surface, prevent the output window, surface contamination, the power will drop, then use absorbent cotton or silk cloth dipped in anhydrous alcohol, gently wipe the outer surface of the output window.
Ⅳ.In the process of debugging, adjusting the position of the laser or the rotation of the laser to achieve the best output effect, and then the laser is fixed.
Ⅴ.Please note: avoid high voltage electrode near the accumulation of dust, to keep dry high voltage side as possible from the metal away, to prevent the high voltage spark discharge.
Ⅵ.Pls keep the laser tube clear,no scale in tube when using laser machine,so as to avoid cooling water blocking,poor cooling.Once found scale in tube,pls clean tube with 20% dilute hydrochloric acid.
Ⅶ.The laser tube is a glass product. When installing and using, avoid local stress.
Ⅷ.Please use the laser tube reasonably, save the laser energy, and the working current of the laser tube should not exceed 26mA.