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The differences of Fiber laser,YAG laser,CO2 laser and disk laser

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 The differences of Fiber laser,YAG laser,CO2 laser and disk laser

CO2 laser is also known as carbon dioxide laser, it is composed of CO2 gas and nitrogen, hydrogen and other gases, to 10.6nm laser wavelength for the laser beam to produce more than 20 kW of power, can realize the continuity of the work, is often used in laser marking machine, laser cutting machine, and should be used quite widely. Because of its gas pipe composition, so should pay attention to the use of a lot of problems, in order to avoid adverse consequences, the following is a brief analysis of the matter and CO2 laser and other lasers.The difference between CO2 laser and other lasers

Photoelectric conversion rate:

Fiber laser reached 30%,YAG solid state laser is only 3%,CO2 laser 10%,Laser disc reached 15%.

Maximum output power:

Fiber laser reached 50kW,YAG solid state laser 6kW,CO2 laser reached 20kW,The disc laser reached 8kW.

BPP (4/5kw) aspects:

Fiber laser is less than 2.5,YAG solid state laser is about 25,CO2 laser reached 6,The laser disc is about 8.

Semiconductor pump life:

Fiber laser can work continuously for more than 10 million hours, YAG laser can be about 1000h, CO2 laser is expected at about 5 000 h, disk laser life about 1 million hours.

Maintenance and operation cost / hour (4/5KW):

Fiber laser per hour 2 yuan, YAG solid laser 35 yuan per hour, CO2 laser per hour 20 yuan, disk laser per hour 8 yuan.

Maintenance aspect:

Fiber laser no need maintenance,YAG laser and laser discs need regular maintenance,CO2 laser needs to be maintained.

Flexible machining aspect:

Fiber laser is very suitable,YAG laser and laser disc,CO2 laser is not suitable for flexible machining.

Stability aspect:

Optimum stability of fiber laser,CO2 laser and laser disc stability,The stability of YAG solid state laser is not very good.

Absorption% - Steel

Fiber laser, YAG laser, laser disc is about 35, CO2 laser is about 12.

Aluminum absorption%

Fiber laser, YAG laser, laser disc is about 7, CO2 laser is about 2;

Parts to be replaced:

Fiber laser has a high brightness broadband single core junction semiconductor laser, pumping time of more than 200 thousand H. A semiconductor is damaged, replace only $300~500, because each semiconductor pump source is independent of each other;YAG laser is pumped;CO2 laser is to add gas;The disc is mainly laser pumping source needs to be replaced frequently, each change between $20~23 million.