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The distinction between the mini - word engraving machine and the general advertising engraving machine

Date time:2015-10-12 9:42:14 Page view:

 With the development of the industry, the demand of the market is increasing, the requirements for the quality of the product is more and more high, the requirements of the machine for the production of products will also be improved.

Traditionally, luminous Mini word machine is using high allocation of advertising engraving machine, and then use special mini word engraving knife to carry on the processing, so that you can make the acrylic model with a degree of transparency is relatively high. However, this degree of transparency in a large extent, has not reached the limit of the transmittance of this sheet. So, there will be a mini word engraving machine.
So what is the essential difference between the general advertising engraving machine and the mini letter engraving machine?
Essence is their configuration is not the same, to influence the final sales price is not the same, general advertising engraving machine around tens of thousands, and mini word engraving machine is ten, or even hundreds of thousands. And the configuration is not the same, the process is not the same way. Do Mini word generally requires two processes, one is carved out of the model, the two is a polished. This requires the machine for the dual process, if the use of single process machine for processing, which requires a manual tool, and finally will lead to human error, the processing of products will be affected by the degree of transparency. In addition, the mini word may need to be processed, so that a better way to reflect the beauty of a mini word. This needs to carry on the slant processing, and the advertising engraving machine is unable to carry on the inclined plane processing, or that all numerical control engraving machine can not, this is the numerical control machining center such large-scale machine to have such function.
In general, the mini word engraving machine is equivalent to the processing center of such a heavy equipment, and advertising engraving machine is the basic model of the CNC engraving machine equipment. Of course, both have the features are similar, the basic advertising engraving function to do the process, the mini word engraving machine can do, and the accuracy is higher.