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Application industry of CNC Router

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 Application industry of CNC Router


1.Advertising and gift production:
For all kinds of sculpture double color plate, organic glass, finetech stone doorplate, three-dimensional signs, decorative gift, box double color man statue, relief medal, block wall lamp house, light guide plate carving lamp house, organic board relief door.
2.Mold industry:
Engraving button relief mold printing, stamping die, injection mold, blow mold, stamping die,eyes mold.
3.Tobacco industry:
Used for packing cigarette anti-counterfeit mark, template and cigarette making wheel.
4.Printed circuit board (PCB) product development in the circuit, drilling, milling, etc.
5.Automotive industry: tire mold and accessories mold processing.
6.The printing industry: watermark mould and making coins mould.
7.Packing: Production of carton packaging bags stamping, plastic matrix mold.
8.Model making industry: making sand model, building model etc.
9.Seal industry: all kinds of fonts of various types of material seal engraving
10.Used in furniture industry, furniture decoration industry, woodworking decoration industry, musical instrument industry, wooden handicraft industry, furniture decoration industry, this machine is suitable for large area plate plane carving, wood furniture carving, wood carving, wood carving, wood carving, wood carving, wood carving, kitchen window door carving. Is the product of furniture decoration industry.