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CCD laser cutting machine

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 CCD laser cutting machine


The combination of automatic camera positioning system and laser head is used and the work of computer software is cooperated.. 
The trademark cutter can automatically compensate for the minor distortion of the opposite sex workpiece, and ensure the accuracy of the cutting of the workpiece. The application of automatic camera system, marking the laser technology, automatic technology, artificial visual intelligent technology, got the perfect application. The shortest cut path of the human software design saves the time and the benefit of the users..
Camera positioning cutting machine at work by high resolution pattern intake computers, through treatment, the trademark objects automatically search and accurate positioning, laser cutting, to the trademark objects subsequent production of intelligent automation.
Applicable industry
Applicable to garment industry, shoes, textile industry, embroidery industry, business biding, leather industry, cloth toy industry, handicraft industry, Mark trademark weaving industry.
Applicable materials
Leather, cloth, cut, carved, clothing, footwear, bags etc..